1. Bulgaria is a full member of EU

2. The country has a stable macro economy and attractive business environment

  • 29% GOV dept / GDP – one of the lowest in EU
  • Only 4,8% long term unemployment and low youth unemployment rate
  • 10% company and personal income tax – one of lowest in EU
  • Easy to start business
  • Low corruption index

3. Lowest live and labor costs in EU

  • 477 euro / month average, which is 3.5 times lower than the average for EU (1681 euro / month in EU)
  • 581 euro / month for skilled labor and 322 euro / month for low skilled

4. 99% literacy and over 30% with University degree

  • High computer literacy
  • English and 2nd foreign language are wide spoken

5. Developed infrastructure, communications, leisure infrastructure and great natural resources

  • Direct flights with many European, UK and Middle East airports (May – Oct)
  • Sophisticated hotel, sport and leisure infrastructure
  • Great variety of blue flag beaches, beautiful nature, 300 sunny days
  • Top 20 in world for internet speed and accessibility